Dissapointing performance, but no time to dwell on the result

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The game yesterday was really dissapointing, as the overall performance of the team was bad. The passing was off, the movement was missing, and we lacked creativity. We’ve got no time to relax though, as we play Lazio Wednesday.

After yesterday’s game, Adam Masina had this to say:

We knew that we’d have to do a lot against a tough opponent who are in a good moment physically, we were a bit lacking when trying to create things and unfortunately the goal came from an unlucky bounce.

No doubt that Atalanta was a tough opponent, and their performances thus far in the league have been misleading as they’re a quality team. Masina also said:

However, this isn’t a step back for us. We already knew that we needed to improve and we knew this before the Spal game as well. The road is still long for us. We’ll turn the page straight away, Lazio and Roma who are very tough opponents.

Good to see that they’ll not dwell on the bad result, and instead are looking forward to the Lazio game. Hopefully, we’ll see better movement come Wednesday, as well as better passing, cause yesterday was abysmal. Roberton Donadoni too emphasized our lack of initiative, saying:

We defended well for almost all of the game but then we lacked some initiative on the break. We did have some goalscoring chances but even in these cases we weren’t cool enough and as a result we weren’t very incisive.

Donadoni’s quite right, we did defend well throughout the game, but Atalanta had it all too easy on the goal, when Freuler got a lot of time on the ball before passing to Cornelius. The coach’s change in formation from 4-3-3 to 5-3-2 when changing Di Francesco for De Maio seemed like it invited more pressure from Atalanta, but it’s easy to understand Donadoni’s desire to secure the point we had at that time in the game. Anyway, the games are coming thick and fast, and there’s no time to dwell on the loss.

That’s all for today,  feel free to comment, and see you tomorrow!


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