Donadoni’s midfield conundrum + Destro speculations

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Since yesterday there has been some news regarding Bologna. As I wrote about yesterday, Mattia Destro’s performances have not been great so far this season, as he has descended down the pecking order, and is now behind both Rodrigo Palacio and Bruno Petkovic. However, I also stressed that he should not be disregarded yet, as there is a lot of potential in him. Yesterday came the news (Football Italia) that Sassuolo are hoping to swap Diego Falcinelli for Destro. They also wrote that it remained to be seen whether Bologna would be interested in this swap if no money was sent their way. I’ve got a few things to say about this:

  1. Mattia Destro should not be sold. I value him very highly, and I think it would be a big mistake if we were to sell him to another club. He’s going through a rough patch at the moment, but he can still become the striker we all want him to be.
  2. If we were to sell/swap him, Sassuolo is not the club to do it with. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Sassuolo, as I love their rise in Italian football, as well as their focus on developing young, Italian players. However, to sell Destro now when he’s not in form would not be wise economically. He cost a lot of money back when he transferred to Bologna, and his value has not increased since. Also, Sassuolo is not the strongest team financially, and so they would not be able to pay what we should be wanting for Destro. If we can get Destro to shine for the club, his value would increase, and we could sell him in a couple of years time to a bigger club, for a lot more money.
  3. If a swap deal were to occur, Diego Falcinelli should not be the player heading our way. Don’t get me wrong here either, Falcinelli is a good player, and he performed really well for Crotone last season in their miraculous end to the season. However, at 26 years of age, and given how little he has proved, he is not the striker we need. Bologna should target younger strikers which, in addition to improving our team, has the potential of earning us some money. Falcinelli is not the kind of player whose value will increase much, and he should therefore not be considered.

There has also been some news regarding available players to the game this weekend against Crotone. As in our last game against Roma, Torosidis, Mirante and Avenatti are all still unavailable. Erick Pulgar will also be out for Crotone, as he will serve his suspension after he picked up his fifth yellow card of the season against Roma. Yesterday came news that Andrea Poli may be out against Crotone, as he’s struggling with an injury. This leaves Donadoni with the task of composing a solid midfield trio Saturday. If Poli’s out injured for the game, the available senior midfielders are Godfred Donsah, Adam Nagy, Saphir Taïder and Lorenzo Crisetig. This is quite the change from most of our games this season. The Algerian has been out for some time now, and the midfield will mostly likely be composed of the other three. There are some good news though, as Rodrigo Palacio most likely will take part against Crotone. M’baye is also back in training, and available for selection against Crotone. Yesterday I touched upon how we’ve missed Palacio since his injury, and his return will be a big boost for the team. Anyway, we’ll get back to what the team will look like, and other game-related stuff closer to the game.

That’s all for today, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


Photo: Bologna FC

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