Looking forward to Milan

New third kit, Avenatti finally healthy, and questions before the Milan game.


There has not been as much activity on the site the last couple of weeks as wanted, as I’ve had a bunch of exams. Now I’m all done, and content will be produced more regularly. As we move closer to the Milan game there will be a preview of the game here on the site, as well as a look on the opposition. The game is still three days away though, but there have been some news regarding the club I thought would be a good idea to discuss.

First of all, Bologna have released their new third kit. I think it looks very good, as most bolthirdkit.jpg_large.pngof the shirts that Macron has produced for the club the last couple of years. The colour is very beautiful, and it is overall a very classy shirt. Hopefully we’ll produce some good memories in the shirt in the next year. I’ve been quite impressed by most kits by Macron the last years, and this goes into a fine collection of kits. Nice change from the last third kit, which was grey.

Secondly, Felipe Avenatti has finally been declared fit. He arrived during the course of the summer, but he has been injured up until now. He still has a long way to go though, as he now has to work to regain his fitness. We wont see him on this side of Christmas, but he can become an important part of our squad in the second part of the season. With Avenatti returning, Bologna have a range of options up front, with Palacio, Destro, Petkovic and Okwonkwo. Competition is good, as players must improve to keep their places in the team.

Some things have been on my mind when looking forward to the Milan game:

  1. What Bologna will we see? Our performances this season have been inconsistent to say it mildly, and I’m wondering how Bologna will play on Sunday. Given that it is a much stronger side (despite their struggles this season), I think (and hope) that we’ll see a strong performance from Bologna. If they can replicate the Sampdoria game, then Bologna should be able to achieve a positive result.
  2. What will Bologna’s defence look like? De Maio and Maietta performed well against Sampdoria, but they were not up to the same level against Cagliari. Gonzalez is still out, but will we see Helander back into the team? The left-back is also a question mark, will it be Masina or Torosidis, or perhaps Keita? Masina is the most likely, but I wouldn’t rule out the two others.
  3. Will Okwonkwo be given a chance? Given how Orji has played this season, he should be given a chance from start sooner rather than later. Destro scored his second of the season versus Cagliari, and it would be cruel of Donadoni to bench him after a good run of games. Destro is the most likely to start, but I think we’ll see Okwonkwo from start in a game before the year is up.

That’s all for today, let me know in the comments what you think of the new kit, as well as your thoughts on the game against AC Milan.


Photo: Bologna FC

2 comments on “Looking forward to Milan”

  1. Very glad about Avenatti, as he’s been so unlucky!
    I’m afraid it will take way longer than Christmas and I think Mr. Donadoni will have to make a decisionabout whether he wants to keep him in the team and maybe utilize him in the Spring or send him away on a loan in Serie B for the second leg.

    As for AC Milan, they lost this week in Europa League, so their morale must be really down. I hope they fall into an identity crisis for the weekend 🙂


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