“No thanks Napoli” – Verdi

After a lot of speculation, Verdi has decided to decline Napoli’s offer.


After making Napoli wait for quite a while, it has now been reported that Simone Verdi has declined Napoli’s offer, and decided to stay at Bologna.

The attacker’s future has been subject to constant speculation the last few weeks, but Verdi has now decided against leaving Bologna in mid-season. Doubts about how much playing time he would get in Naples is reported as one of the biggest reasons for this.

This is great news for Bologna as a club. There will undoubtedly be more speculation about him in the summer, but for now all speculation should be put to bed. Verdi has been a pivotal part of our team this season, and he is essential if we are to climb up the table towards the end of the season.


Photo: Bologna FC

2 comments on ““No thanks Napoli” – Verdi”

  1. This is a dream!
    And with Dzemaili coming back, I have the impression we are setting ourselves up for a very interesting second leg!


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