Spal, transfer window alterations & injuries

Read our thoughts on the Spal game, some alterations made to the transfer window, and the latest injury news.

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The team have got a lot of work to do before the game against Atalanta at the weekend. The performance against Spal was horrid, albeit the early substitution of Andrea Poli and the subsequent red card to Giancarlo Gonzalez made things difficult for the team. However, Bologna should still have managed to perform better. I’ve been pondering some aspects of the game in the days following the loss:

When Gonzalez was sent off after ten minutes, Bologna started to waste time at every opportunity. Antonio Mirante took most of Bologna’s free kicks in their half, and he used a lot of time to take them. This would have been understandable if the game had passed the hour mark, but to do so after barely ten minutes had passed was very cowardly. This eventually backfired as Spal took the lead early on in the second half, and the home side wasted time towards the end of the game. Despite them having wasted almost 30 seconds during the additional time of the second half, the referee decided to blow his whistle when a few seconds still remained of the added time. Bologna’s plan to waste time from the moment of the red card had backfired, and hopefully, they will have learned not to do so again, at least not that early in a game.

Spal’s level of dominance after the red card was staggering. Even though Bologna were one man down, Spal should not have been allowed to dominate the game in such a fashion. Given that Bologna had players like Blerim Dzemaili, Simone Verdi, Mattia Destro and Federico Di Francesco out on the field, they should have been able to make their mark on the game, and not let Spal decide how the game went down.

Bologna failed to create any real chances, before Destro, unbelievably, missed a sitter right at the end. Despite the hilarity of the miss, one cannot fail to criticise Bologna’s lack of chances created throughout the game. As discussed above, the players Bologna had out on the field should have caused more trouble for Spal’s defence. Huge improvement is needed if Bologna are to trouble Atalanta at the weekend.

In other news, Serie A has decided that the transfer window this summer will close the day before the first league game of the season. This is something that has been wanted by many for a long time, and it should put focus back on the most important thing, football. The squads will be set before the season starts, and this is very good news as transfer speculation only disrupts the teams’ level of focus.

Last, but not least, Andrea Poli will be out for approximately two weeks. He picked up an injury early on against Spal, and will have to watch the games against Atalanta and Lazio from the stands. Poli will be a huge loss for the team. Not only is he among Bologna’s best players quality wise, but he also one of the leaders of the team. However, it does give other players the opportunity to shine. Godfred Donsah and Adam Nagy are the most likely ones to step into the team during Poli’s absence, and they have both got the abilities to impress.

In addition to Poli, the club has also announced that Riccardo Orsolini has injured his thigh. He will unfortunately be out for three to four weeks, which is a big set-back for him as he’s trying to make his mark at his new club.

Sempre Bologna will post a preview on Saturday for the game against Atalanta, so stay tuned for that one. As always, if anyone wants to contribute to the site with content, do not hesitate to contacts us.

Photo: Bologna FC

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