Bologna 1-2 AC Milan

Despite playing an overall good match, Bologna did not get anything out of the game versus Milan. Here is our review.


Bologna lost by one goal to two against Milan on Sunday. Bologna got two goals disallowed for offside in the first half, one rather questionable, and could easily have snatched one point had they had a bit more luck. Nevertheless, the team can be pleased with the way the played, especially as there was huge improvement from the game in Sardegna the previous weekend. Here is our review.

Roberto Donadoni returned to 4-3-3 after having played with three at the back for the last couple of games. Ibrahima M’baye came in for Simone Romagnoli in defense, whilst Erick Pulgar and Adam Nagy came into the midfield at the expense of Lorenzo Crisetig and Blerim Dzemaili. Riccardo Orsolini kept his place in the team as Federico Di Francesco had to make do with a seat on the bench.

What we learned:

When you utilize a player in their natural position, the performance gets better. This should come as no surprise, but it is still one of the talking points after the game. Orsolini started as a right wing-back in Sardegna, but was today part of the front three in a 4-3-3 formation. Versus Cagliari, the youngster never got into the game before Donadoni eventually changed formation, something which allowed him to play further up the field. Today, however, Orsolini was perhaps Bologna’s best player on the day, much more dangerous than the likes of Simone Verdi and Rodrigo Palacio. Credit is due to Orsolini for how he handled the game, and he must be very disappointed with his disallowed goal which could very well have stood. The smile on the winger’s face after his goal was a joy to watch, let’s hope it gives him an incentive to keep going to finally get his first goal for the club. With performances like today, that will most definitely come soon enough.

Vacation is still not booked even though the signs were there in Sardegna. After the draw against Cagliari, we wrote about the vacation-vibes of the game. Bologna lacked quality in everything from their passing and movement to the will to win. Today, however, Bologna performed well from minute one, and with just a bit more ruthlessness going forward, Bologna could easily have gotten something out of the game. It has often been the case this season that the team seems to up their game against the stronger teams. Of course, it’s easier to become motivated when facing the likes of Milan and Juventus contrary to the likes of Cagliari and Benevento. What irritates me is the fact that, had Bologna played to the best of their abilities in every game, they would most likely have been in the upper half of the table. Well, there’s always next season.

Best Rossoblù:

Riccardo Orsolini: As mentioned above, Orsolini was very bright throughout the match, and he really should have had a goal had it not been for the questionable decision by the referee. Nevertheless, Orsolini passed the ball well, was difficult for the opposition defence to handle, and he can therefore be very pleased with his game.

What’s next?

Bologna’s next match is an evening kick-off against Juventus on Saturday. With them battling Napoli for the Scudetto, this will undoubtedly be a very tough encounter. Fingers crossed!

What did you think of the match? Who was your man of the match? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Bologna FC

2 comments on “Bologna 1-2 AC Milan”

  1. It was a strange match, which could have gone both as a draw or with Milan scoring more goals. I think we are clearly missing a goal for us from the first half and that penalized us a lot. In the second half we risked Milan scoring a third goal four times, but we also “risked” equalizing with Mbaye.

    I think we did a good match, but there’s always a bit of pity ad we never have the winning stroke neither the jerk attitude against one of the tier 1 teams. Also, as an indication for next year, we need better central defenders. In our current game, they are the ones who play most balls and De Maio and Gonzales today proved to be pretty poor with many mistakes when starting a game. So we need to improve their quality. Alternatively, we need to find other ways to build our maneuver.


    1. I agree that we have to strengthen our central defence. If we acquire a solid defender alongside a ruthless striker, I think we can really well next season.
      As it looks now, we’ll most likely have a better season than last year. Next year we should break into the top half.


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