What we learnt from Bologna beating Roma


So, the first win of the season is a fact. Not to mention the first two goals of the season. Bologna beat Roma 2-0 this afternoon thanks to goals by the two Federico’s, Santander and Mattiello. A thoroughly defense display denied Roma any goals, and in particular the second half was very well-played by Filippo Inzaghi’s men. Here are some interesting talking points from today’s game:

Mattias Svanberg looks a gem. I’ve been calling out for the young Swede and Riccardo Orsolini in the starting line-up for some time now, and Svanberg got his chance today. He grabbed it by its tail and delivered an emphatic midfield-performance. Not only did he bring more creativity to a midfield who has, recently, struggled to create chances for the forwards. In addition, he also worked hard, won balls, and overall had a very complete game. He should be starting our next game against Juventus.

Lukasz Skorupski is the real deal. We already knew that the Polish goalkeeper was a decent player and an upgrade on Antonio Mirante. However, against his former side, Skorupski was undoubtedly willing to prove to his former team what they lost in him. In particular in the first half, he made some incredible saves to deny Roma the goal. Not only was he good at stopping the opposition, he also proved himself to be an excellent distributor of the ball. Time and time again did he find a team-mate with his passing, and Santander in particular benefitted from this.

Federico Santander stood out as a leader today. From minute one, the former FC Copenhagen striker lead the line, worked hard, and won headers. We already knew that he was great target man, but still, today we witnessed an incredible performance from him. He terrorized Roma’s defence, won most of the headers, and scored a very fine goal with his left foot. His aerial presence created more space for those around him, something the wing-backs in particular benefitted from.

Arturo Calabresi had a great debut. For someone who has never played a minute of Serie A football, the former Roma player was incredible. He slotted in at the right-most of the three central defenders, and defended astutely throughout the game. Of course, it helps to have a leader like Danilo alongside you. Nevertheless, Calabresi’s performance was very positive, and hopefully he’ll build on this going forward.

Onto the next one. Juventus, beware.

Before I forget it, I was a guest on the latest Serie A sitdown podcast. On it, I talked about Bologna’s season thus far, how I have complete faith in Inzaghi, and the need for Krejci to start a game. Looks like Inzaghi listened to it as Krejci started today’s game. Check it out!

Until next time.

Photo: Bologna FC

2 comments on “What we learnt from Bologna beating Roma”

  1. Great comment, as usual Fredrik!

    I didn’t watch the match this time, but I’m proud of the result and I’ve been waiting for a long time for this team to emerge, as I do believe we are not bad at all.

    So well done to anyone!


    1. Thanks, Michele! Roma controlled most of the game, especially in the first half did they have a few good chances to score, but Skorupski denied them time and time again. After the break, Roma struggled to create much thanks to a resilient Bologna who worked their socks off. A great result, hopefully a catalyst to turn our season around.


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