Ciao, Inzaghi?

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As we are about to play the last game of the year, there have been strong rumors suggesting that Filippo Inzaghi will have his final game in charge of Bologna today. Bar a highly unlikely win, we’ll see a change in management sooner rather than later.

That change should probably have come several weeks ago, and Inzaghi shouldn’t have to be dependent on beating one of the best teams in Italy to keep his job. The Chievo game should have been the last straw, but so it wasn’t.

Along with rumors of Inzaghi’s imminent departure, there are also rumors of who it is that will replace him as head coach. Our next game after Napoli, excluding our Coppa Italia game against Juventus on the 12th of January, is on the 20th of January versus Spal. That means that Claudio Fenucci and Joey Saputo has a lot of time to find a replacement, and the most likely to take charge is our former coach Roberto Donadoni. He is still under contract at the club, which means we won’t have to pay three coaches salary, but merely two.

There is also a lot of talk of possible player recruitment. The hottest name at the moment is that of Nicola Sansone of Villarreal. The former Sassuolo player has struggled in Spain this season, and he is likely to join the club on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season. Sansone should prove to be an excellent acquisition should he indeed come, and he can remind you of Simone Verdi, a player which we are yet to replace.

Another player who has been rumored to join us is Angelo Ogbonna. The West Ham defender currently struggles to accumulate minutes in the Premier League, and would definitely strengthen our defence considerably.

We have also been linked to Roberto Soriano, Leonardo Spinazzola and Manolo Gabbiadini. Should that trio come to Bologna alongside the aforementioned two, we would possess a considerably stronger team, a team which should perform considerably better than thus far this season.

I have zero expectations for the game today. Although Napoli are weakened through Marek Hamsik’s injury and the suspensions of Kalidou Koulibaly and Lorenzo Insigne, they possess such an immensely ridiculous team, and we should count ourselves lucky not to lose by too many goals.

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