A youth project

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As the mercato keeps on going, Bologna have still only officially signed Mattia Ban, if you disregard the club exercising their options on the loan players from last season. However, several signings are imminent, and given the rumors of players that we apparently are interested in, it seems as though we have started to target young players.

Jerdy Schouten, currently at Excelsior, is a creative midfielder who has drawn interest from bigger clubs than Bologna. However, the 22 years old dutchman has decided to join us, most likely because he has been given assurances regarding time on the pitch. One would not think that he will be a starter right away, but rather be subbed on in either Roberto Soriano’s role, or alongside Erick Pulgar at the bas of our midfield.

Because, Schouten seems to have a bit of everything you desire in a midfielder. He is strong in the tackle, does not shy away from a physical battle, whilst he is also quite able to pick out a brilliant pass. He might well form a very able duo at the base of our midfield alongside Pulgar, if the latter stays at the club.

Takehiro Tomiyasu is another player who we should be signing quite soon. I’ve already written about him on the site earlier, and at the moment he is currently back in Japan after having visited the club. He is now pondering the contract offer, and if everything proceeds as we want, he should be joining the club for pre-season.

In the last week or so, we’ve also been linked with Danish winger Andreas Skov Olsen at Nordsjælland. The 19 year old winger scored 19 and assisted three last season, and is apparently being courted by a lot of clubs in Europe. Claudio Fenucci said the other day that we are very interested in the player, and that although we face heavy competition, we have hopes that he’ll sign with us.

The three aforementioned players have one thing in common, they are all very young, and that points to one thing. With Walter Sabatini in charge of the technical operation, and Sinisa Mihajlovic as head coach, it seems as though we are creating a youth project at the moment. The coach is well known for integrating younger players into his sides. For instance, it was he who gave the 16 years old Gianluigi Donnarumma the chance at AC Milan. When the Serbian arrived at Bologna in January, Riccardo Orsolini started to blossom as well.

The coach’s record with young players will undoubtedly help persuade young, talented players to join us this summer.

Photo: Bologna FC

1 comments on “A youth project”

  1. I like the green course of Bologna’s mercato. Having the luxury of starting from an effective team where almost all elements have been confirmed, we only need to secure a valid alternative to Lyanco and hopefully Tomiyasu may be that man. For the rest we can invest to build a great future.

    The only puzzling decision for me is that of confirming Destro for the pre-season. I’m happy to be finally proven wrong, but I have little trust that he can emerge as the player we need him to be after so many disappointing years.

    Giving for granted that one between Poli and Dzemaili will leave (probably the latter), what do you think will happen to Samberg?


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