First negative of the mercato imminent

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Well, the summer has seen us acquire several new players, and the team is considerably stronger than last season. We have replaved Lyanco with Mattia Bani, Takehiro Tomiyasu and Stefano Denswil, whilst Jerdy Schouten and Andreas Skov Olsen have also joined us.

It seemed as though Walter Sabatini and his team could only do good, but now reports of the first negative of the mercato have emerged.

Erick Pulgar has, as you all know, a release clause of €12 million. Earlier in the summer he has been linked with several clubs, and whilst he was at the Coppa America he said that he was seeking a bigger challenge. And who could blame him for that, he has contributed greatly over the last couple of seasons, and was out best player last season, whilst only beaten by Simone Verdi the season before.

The transfer speculation surrounding him had ceased to exist over the last couple of weeks, but today came the news that a new team is apparently closing in on him:

First things first, this is not down to Sabatini. The release clause is way too low, and there’s nothing he can do about it if Pulgar does not want to sign a new contract.

Secondly, I am all for Pulgar leaving to seek greater challenges. He has been a great servant to the club over the last few years. He has got 100 Serie A matches for us since joining in 2015. However, if he are to join up with Fiorentina, he has got no love or understanding from me.

For one thing, La Viola is, arguably, in a worse position than us. Despite their new owner inserting some positivity when he arrived this summer, their team is not one that will challenge for a place in the upper half of the table, something which should be our goal this season.

Also, to leave Bologna for our rivals in Firenze will not be tolerated by the fans. Having been linked with the likes of AC Milan, Sevilla and Arsenal earlier in the season, Fiorentina seems a strange choice. It is only fair that he wants a greater challenge, but the only greater thing Pulgar will find in Tuscany is the paycheck.

Until next time.

Photo: Bologna FC

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