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A youth project

As the mercato keeps on going, Bologna have still only officially signed Mattia Ban, if you disregard the club exercising their options on the loan players from last season. However, several signings are imminent, and given the rumors of players that we apparently are interested in, it seems as though we have started to target

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Defence taking shape

Well, the rollercoaster that is the mercato keeps on rolling, and Bologna are as active as ever. Although not official yet, it seems as though we’re on the verge of securing two new defenders. After the acquisition of Mattia Bani, we will apparently make the signings of Takehiro Tomiyasu and Stefano Denswil official this week.

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Laying the foundation

The mercato is well and truly underway, something which was touched upon in the last piece on the site, so feel free to check that one out as well. As Sinisa Mihajlovic has signed his contract, and Walter Sabatini has finally been announced as Bologna’s technical coordinator, we’ll soon see the results of the work

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