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Bad start to the season, what went wrong?

Well, the third game of the season is history as we lost at home to Inter last night. As opposed to the first two games against Spal and Frosinone, Bologna played much better throughout the game, but lost due to the gap in quality between the two sides. Still, there were several positives last night.

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First game under Inzaghi ends with a loss, lots to improve going forward

After months of excitement, the Serie A finally started again for Bologna last night. Prior to the Spal-Game, this season felt different. Regardless of how it pans out, I am way more excited for this season. With Roberto Donadoni in charge, no evident progress was made, whilst the lack of an identity was clear. With

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Verdi leaving is sad, but there is a silver lining

Yesterday, the official announcement of Simone Verdi’s transfer to Napoli came. Even though we have known for some time now that he would be leaving this summer, it still brought sadness when I saw the news. I wont deny it, I have spent a considerable amount of time wallowing in YouTube-videos of Verdi during the

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