A lot of work ahead for Donadoni

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The match against Crotone was really terrible. Despite having over 60% of the possession, Bologna did not manage to create many clear-cut chances throughout the game. Add to this three conceded goals when Crotone had around 4 chances during the entire match, and some will say that the result was undeserved. However, possession is not what wins games, and Donadoni needs to make a lot of changes to turn this around.

  1. Defending needs to be improved. Everyone knew before the game what Crotone’s best weapon was. They were nullified at most times during the match, but that Bologna conceded three goals against a bottom-half team is down right terrible. Adam Masina should know not to try to dribble in his own half, but the worst thing about the first goal is the three defenders not picking up Budimir on the rebound. They all stood there watching as the ball bounced back to Budimir. This is Donadoni’s responsibility as a coach to fix, and I’m expecting to see a much better performance from the defence in the next match.
  2. There seems to be no clear vision as of how the team should play. In some games we can’t seem to control the ball, and turn to counterattacking. In other games, we look like a really good possession-based team. Donadoni needs to work on one style, and implement this to his team. I understand that if a possession-based style is what he wants, this is not possible against the best teams in the league. However, this season Bologna has played the best football against the stronger teams, and played considerably worse against the not so strong teams. If Donadoni really wants his team to keep the ball on the ground, and have lots of possession, then they should be doing it in games against the likes of Genoa (50-50) and Atalanta (63-37 in favour of Atalanta). Donadoni needs to figure out how he wants to play, because at the moment there is not clear vision. With the team at his disposal, Crotone should have been an easy win, but throughout the match it seemed as if the plan was to give the ball to Verdi and Palacio, and for them to create something.
  3. His choice to start Crisetig against Crotone was wrong. Crisetig does not seem to have what it takes, and the decision does make even less sense with Adam Nagy on the bench. It seems as if Donadoni only wants one of Pulgar or Crisetig to play as the regista. Nagy should be playing in this position, as he’s got great vision, he can get out of difficult positions under pressure, and he’s got a great work-rate. Pulgar will be back against Verona, but given his track-record regarding cards, Nagy should be given a chance as the regista.

Some are calling for Donadoni to go after the loss against Crotone. This is understandable, but he should be given more time. If we look at the three losses before Crotone, they all came against teams that finished in the top five last season. To lose against them was not unexpected, and no crisis. The loss against Crotone was very bad though, and it makes it a whole lot worse because of the three previous games. Donadoni now has an international break upon him where he needs to find out the way forward. Some players will be away on duty, but most of them will stay. After the break Bologna face of against Hellas Verona, and this is a must-win game. After Verona, Sampdoria is the next opponent. If Bologna go into that game with five losses in a row that will most likely be a very difficult game. Donadoni should be given time, and when November is up, his position should be considered. Four points should be the target for these two games, and if no win is achieved, then the time may be up for Donadoni.


Photo: Bologna FC

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